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This is something I don't know that much about except that more and more people are seeing surrogacy as a definitive alternative when experiencing fertility challenges.

At the time that we were unable to have children a friend of mine did offer to be a surrogate for us. Although the offer was an amazing show of our friendship it was something that i would never have considtered. We personally felt that we did not want to go this route, but at the same time I realise that it may be the only feasible route for others to become parents.

"Baby2Mom offers baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme offers affordable and effective assistance to people looking for egg donation. baby2mom has facilitated close on 170 donor egg and/ or surrogacy programmes (as of June 2009).  All egg donors and surrogates undergo an extensive screening process to ensure that recipients of donor eggs and IP's are afforded the best chance of having a healthy baby.  With extensive experience in this field, baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme is suited to assisting recipients who need donor eggs and/ or surrogate moms - with a strong referral base to associated professionals who can assist with the necessary support and treatments. Visit for all necessary information in this regard.  baby2mom is part of seeing just how beautiful South Africa is because most egg donors and surrogates participate because they want to help some one."

If you have a story about Surrogacy that you would be willing to share with others please let me know. This is a very scary road for some people to follow and knowing that others have done it before and hearing their stories really helps along the way.

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