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Chapter 1

I am an adopted child, born at the Mother's Home in Durban in 1972.

My adopted parents had been on the waiting list for 7 years before a suitable child was found for them. My Father was a British citizen and the South African law stated that he need to take South Africian Citizenship in order to adopt a South African child despite having had permanent residence for 30 years.

I was bundled up and taken home to my wonderful new parents. They always told me how much i was loved and cherished.

From very young i can recall a story being told to me about how they search the world to find a baby for them. And while doing so missed the delivery from Mr Stork who called while they were in Venice. On their return the stork had left a note saying that i had been born and was ready to be picked up.

In a frantic rush my parents had to rush out and buy everything i needed before coming to the hospital to fetch me.

When they arrived home they didn't know what to call me so they asked the tooth fairy and Tinkerbell for advice and they called me Camilla.

At the age of 3 apparently i became restless and asked for a sister. Once again the wheels turned and my sister was Adopted just before i turned 4.

My Adopted parents gave us everything, i was very intetested in horses and was blessed with horses that I competed on.

At the age of about 13 /14 when other girls get rather bitchy, I recall getting into a spat with some classmates about my origins and triggered off so very strong emotions. I totally rebelled and became a nightmare teen. All those feelings of abandonment and not fitting in became more dominant and i acted out terribly.

When I finally matriculated I though that i would finally put this adoption thing to rest and find my biological parents.

I walked in the Durban Child Welfare with all the confidence I could muster and wanted answers. I was seen to by a lovely social worker who very nicely explained to me that i couldn't get any of the infomation i required until i was 21 without my parents consent. I Of course had not told them my plan in finding these people that have my same blood.

Totally deflated I left the offices and returned home.

Having to wait another 3 years was going to kill me.

Once more I became intolerent and difficult as to me it was important to fit in.

I just didn't seem to fit in with this family anymore. I needed answers.