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10 October 2007

I've suspected it for some time, but today rekon I got confirmation of my theory. Being a more or less availalbe Mom, I've always wondered why your kids don't seem to appreciate me. I always seem to get the short end of the stick. I've heard so many people say that it pays off in the end and all I can ask myself is 1) Is it true and 2) when will that be.

I certainly don't make any judgements about Moms that are out at work and leave their kids in the care of others, often there is no other choice and in some other instances those Moms feel that they are better Moms because of it. I came from a family where my Mom always worked and I guess its a combination of having waited for kids for quite a long time and at the same time being able to get by without me having a fixed job, made me decided to be there for the kids.

I've recently started teaching swimming a few hours a week and today when I got home from my lessons I found two bright faced, shiney eyed cherrubs waiting to greet me. No whining, no wingeing..... what a treat..... makes one think doesn't it?