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9 Feb 2008

Well last year flew past and this year seems to be headed the same way. Feel like I'm a bit stretched for time and have tons of stuff on my to do list. This said 2008 feels like it really is going great. Things are fab and life is full of all things wonderful. Just look at the shiney happy faces below. Sun, sea, water, love, happiness!

People always tell you to write down the things that you kids say because its so cute and then they suddenly get it right and you forget what it was that was so adorable.

So this is my record taking - "Square words" these are those nasty little words that slip out when you aren't playing attention to little ears and then come back to haunt you as they are repeated at every opportunity. I wonder if we called them " round words" if it would make them less of a trial.

Then there is this talk of " playing attention" what else would you want to do with it anyway. You play everything else including your parents nerves and emotions when you're four years old so why wouldn't you also play attention.

On a recent weekend away we were sitting with a group of people in the lounge of the guest house and a bat was flying around the rafters. When my son heard that it was indeed a bat - he pipped up with " where mommy, I can't see the cricket bat1" Pricelss, goodness knows how he thought a cricket bat could be flying about the roof, but then isn't that what makes them so precious...