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Dec 2008

Kids talk - the cutest things.  The other day I took my kids off to Emporor's to see Johnny Clegg - part of their exposure to cultre and music. Somehow I managed to land up parking on the other side of the games acracde ( to which I've never been) and my youngest, Bella, was blown away by the " Rolly Coaster". This inside roller coaster made a huge impression on her - well me too infact the only other time I've seen ( or rather not seen one of those is at Disney World) So now everyone needs to hear about the "Rolly Coaster" - so cute they way they are voncinced the words that they are saying are totally correct!

On the other hand my son was thoroughly impressed by our new " warnings" - can you guess what these are - I doubt it - these are our new awnings. I guess awnings just makes no sense in his 5 year old brain, where as warning is something he's heard a lot of .... as in I'm " warning you" not sure how he ties the two up, but he does. H asked me why they are called awnings and to be honest I have no idea - thank goodness for google makes it so much easier to deliver on your pormise of finding out So they look great at any rate - our new " warnings".

So next time you go on a Rolly coaster or sit under a warning .... think of us.