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2 September 2007 - The Greatest Gift

If you've been looking for books about adoption for yourself or even for your kids I'm sure you'll agree that there is very little out there. The Greates Gift is a lovely little book about adoption ( see Interesting Reads - kids books for more info and how to order from the author).

I went to my local library and asked if they had any books for kids about adoption and they did manage to find one " I am adopted" by Susan Lapsley published in 1974. Then I was given another book "A book of Life for an Adopted Dhild" by Avril and Martin Anderson published in 1979. Although the whole idea is the same, the face of adoption in South Africa has changed completely since these books were written.

I guess the one option is to write your own little book about your child explaining their story.

Does anyone out there know of any other books on adoption?

If you do please let me know