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19 August 2007 - Ipi Nthombi

The other day I needed to go to the shops to collect a copy of Ipi Nthombi - the music strikes a chord deep within me - when I hear the music this feeling overwhelms me. I do remember seeing the musical when I was small, but I'm not sure how much is from pure memory and how much from the music afterwards or even just the record sleeve that we had at home- is it the emotion that creates the memory or is it the memory that creates the emotion.

Growing up we had a wonderful woman who cleaned, cooked, looked after us and mothered us. I always say that having two Mom's made me who I am. Sun-Sun was really part of our family having been in our lives from before I was born and not leaving it until she left this world. We used to dance and sing this music together and I'm sure that Sun-Sun was there with us when we saw the show. Its only now that I question if this could have been possible in Apartheid South Africa. Were there mixed audiences or has my mind blured the images of what really happened and the way my small mind remembers it.

Needless to say, my kids now are listening to the CD and we have fun dancing and singing around the lounge together. How I wish my " my other Mom" was here in person to share the fun with us.

So it may not be my culture, however being a South African this forms part of who I am. How proud I am to see my little boy and girl dancing and singing to songs that make up who they are too. I hope that when the think back thirty years from now they will have the same warm feelings and wonderful memories that Ipi Nthombi has for me.