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17 Sept 2007

Last night we were out with our two kids and we noticed a lady who kept sneaking glances at us. Not that unusual really as it does happen - I guess people are just naturally curious to know more about us because we are different.

In the end she ended up chatting to us and saying what lovely faces our kids have. Ofcourse we readily agreed. This does often make me wonder how other people with biological children feel when their kids are complimented. I wonder if a mother's pride just makes them agree when compliments flow, or if our breeding on not to be too proud may make them feel uncomfortable. Knowing that my kids look nothing like me and I can therefor take no credit for the way they look, makes me just agree with any compliments that anyone has to offer.

This brings me to the concern that some prospective adoptive parents have - " What happens if you end up getting a child that you just don't think is pretty, or cute?" My answer I think would tend to be that you find the cute in the baby that you get and you never know you could end up with a butterfly.

This happened with our daughter. She had a very chubby, unsmilling face with a very reserved personality. After several long months and now a couple of years, we have a beautiful, smilling little girl whose face lights up when she smiles her beautiful smile! And a character to go along with it!