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12 August 2007 - Friends

Kids really do have a different take on things:

One Little Boy to another:

A little boy that my son was at playshool with, but whom he'd know since they were both six months old, came home one day and said to his mom " Do you know that Max has a dark willy" - the fact that the rest of Max is also dark seemed to go below the radar and be totally unnoticed.

This may seem strange for you and me, but is totally normal for little ones who are just strating to really see the things around them.

Questiosns they ask:

Another friend of mine that I've also know since Max was a baby had an interesting coversation with her daughter. They were on their way home after a play date at our house when her daughter asked her if I was really Max and Bella's real Mom. My friend swallowed hard, not knowing where this was going, but said " Yes" I was. Her daugther then said " They look darker than Jenny and Gerald" to which her Mom replied " Yes, they are" and then proceeded to try and explain how Max and Bella were special as they I didn't grow them in my tummy but that we had chosen to be together. Trying to explain this all can be quite tricky while at the same time negotiating the afternoon traffic and at the same time not wanting to say too much incase it came out in some later conversation. Soon her daughter piped up " They are adopted". gobsmacked her mom just managed to mutter " Yes that's it". Her daughter procceded to say how nice that was and how lucky we all were. There was no judgement, just a need to clear up matter.

This is truly a lesson on how kids see the world - more observations than judgements.