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Thicker Than Water

 Unfortunately there are not that many South African books on adoption and all that it entails. There are however many books on this topic available overseas. Click on the above link to Amazon to have a look at what is available.

There is however one South African book that I suggest you do have a look at:

Thicker Than Water - Rebecca Kahn

About the book

Thicker than water is a collection of stories from 12 different South Africans who have lived through the experience of adoption, either as adoptees or as part of a family who have chosen to adopt. With honesty, insight and humour they open up about the joys and sorrow, the prejudice and the pride that they live with as they build their own unique lives and families. Proving that there is no such thing as an 'ordinary' family, these stories are also a testament to the overwhelming love that develops between members of a family, whether they share a bond of blood or not.

What I have to say

I wish that this book had been around when we were thinking of adopting. It gives a good insite into what adoption is all about as well as selection of stories that give you a good idea of what to expect. Reading it I thought to myself, my goodness how did some of these people get through the transition. In reality the shock for us was more about becoming first time parents - suddenly and trying to come to terms with this rather than the fact that our kids were adopted. I think this book really goes a long way in helping people get an idea of what they will be in for when considering adopting and I would suggest that its a very good place to start once you have decided that you'd like to consider adoption.