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The Sound of Us - Sarah Willis


The Sound of Us


I bought this book by chance on at a book sale. I've had it on my shelf for months and have only now just got around to reading it. An insightful novel about fostering children and well worth a read.

As a parent that has adopted I have very little insight into what the birth parents of either adoptees or children if foster care go through.  This book gives you a glimps of both sides of the coin.

Well worth a read.

Although this book is American I feel that many of the issues are universal.

The one exercise that the foster mother had to do at her foster parenting classes I found very interesting and I feel that it is something that any trans-racial adoptive parent should try:

The class was divided into smaller groups of four people. Each person was given a cup and each group was given a tub of different coloured beads. Each colour represents a different race.  The co-ordinator then proceeded to ask the class a set of questions and for each question they had to choose a bead that represented the culture of the person/people of the answer.

Your immediate family?

Your spouse or partner?

Your co-workers? ( the bead that represents the majority)

You boss?

Your teachers?

Your headmaster?

Your friends?

Your doctor?

Your dentist?

Your hairdresser?

The authors of the books you read?

and so on and so forth.....

As the main character in the book realised, I too realised that my cup would be very full of white beads with a smattering of one or two other colours.  While the black or coloured people in her group had a cup filled with all sorts of colours.

Considering that I am now the mother of two children of another race it made me realise that I need to reasses all these people in my life and try where I can to atleast broaden my circles so that even if I don't have a rainbow in my cup, I would atleast have something that resembles fruit salad rather than vanilla ice-cream.