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December 2008

JHB Child Welfare's annual Christmas party will be held on Sunday 20 November at Zoo Lake starting 11am. Please bring a gift for your child and one for a child in care. Mark the gifts with the child's age and male or female and mark your child's gift with his or her name so that.

Princess Alice Adoption Home also has lots on the go  

Hi Everyone,  

 Well it’s almost the end of the year and we will be closing off the year with the following events. Your assistance in making these events a success and your support in coming to join us will be most appreciated.  See you there!  

 Nappy Drive

Our team leader, Maggie Lekalakala, has organised a nappy drive to raise awareness and much needed funds for the Princess Alice Home.  On Thursday, 27 November, from 7.00am to 8.30am on Jan Smuts Avenue, Parktown.  Kindly drive past if you are in the area and lend your support. Should you wish to join in the fun and help raise funds please contact the Home on 011 646 5641.  Your assistance is much need and appreciated. 

See us dressed in nappies and bonnets in peak hour traffic!

 Hope School’s 4th Annual Christmas Craft Market will be held to raise funds for their disabled student’s athletics team to participate in the SA Disabled Games in 2009. A tea garden held at the market will serve as a focal point with light lunches being served. There will also be beer and wine, hotdogs and other good food.  All proceeds from the tea & beer gardens and food stalls will be donated directly to the Princess Alice Adoption Home. Jam packed with amazing goodies to buy, such as festive fair, Christmas treats, gifts, jewellery, soaps, crafts, linen, toys, plants, home decor, fudge, cake, mince pies, cheese, biltong, toiletries and lovely smellies and a. Jumping Castle. There will be Princess Alice Stalls as well selling books, white elephant goods, iKofi, gift baskets, lucky dips, etc. Proceeds from these will also go towards the Home. A Christmas Carols by Candlelight evening, organised by the Princess Alice Home, will be held on Friday 5th. Please support this worthy cause!   For more details contact the Home on 011 646 5641.  Market dates are as follows:

            Wednesday 3rd December 9am -7pm

Thursday, 4th December 9am-7pm

Friday, 5th December  9am-9pm (Christmas Carols at 7pm)

Saturday,6th December 8am-4pm

Venue :      Hope School, 36 Pallinghurst Rd, Westcliff


How You Can Help :

·                                            First and foremost, we need people to help serve at the tea and beer gardens. We have students assisting on certain shifts at the tea garden,

however we are short on the following dates and times (as we need 3-4 people per shift) and really need help

on the following shifts:


Beer Garden:       Friday, 5 December                     Shifts: 15:15 – 17:30, 17:15 - 19:30,  19:15 – 21:30

Beer Garden:       Saturday, 6 December                Shifts: 10:15 – 12:30, 12:15 - 14:30,  14:15 – 16:30

Tea Garden:         Wednesday, 3 December            Shift: 15:45-19:30

Tea Garden:         Thursday, 4 December                Shift: 16:45-19:30

Tea Garden:         Friday, 5 December                     Shifts: 8:30–10:30, 10:30-12:30, 12:30–14:30, 14:30 – 16:30, 16:30-18:30, 18:30-21:30

Tea Garden:         Saturday, 6 December                 Shifts: 8:00–10:00, 10:00-12:00, 12:00–14:00, 14:00-16:30


If you are able to assist us on a shift, kindly call Sarah on 011 646-5641. If you can bring a cake or savoury item when you come, that would be great too! We also need help braaing the hotdogs.           


1.                                                Any unwanted gifts (perhaps you have something given to you as a present, even last Christmas or for a birthday, that isn’t quite you, but you don’t really want to throw it out as you feel too guilty, now you can put it towards a really good cause). Unused toiletries, soaps, candles, creams, small ornaments, bric-a-brac, small toys, jewellery. You get the idea! Anything that we can wrap up that might delight others as a lucky dip, but is just sitting around in your cupboard. They should be in good condition as they will be wrapped up and sold in our Lucky Dip (items for kids and/or adults). We will wrap them at the home and use them at the Christmas Market.  


2.                                                We urgently need larger items that can be sold on our White Elephant stall at the market. In order to participate in the 4-day market we need to keep the stalls filled for all four days. So we need plenty of everything


3.                                                Book stall - magazines, books, board/educational games, puzzles, videos, DVDs, CDs. We need these for the Christmas Market and upcoming Book Sales


4.                                                Raffle Items – any items that can be raffled. Also items that can be auctioned are required as we have Auctioneers that assist us in




·                    If you are a Facebook fan, we now have an address, which is as follows:  Perhaps you can ask all your Facebook friends to help collect too.

·                    Jumble –  is sold to the staff, utilised at the Home or if we can’t use it given it to our sister orphanage, Othandweni Children’s Home, or to Hospice (who sell it and split the profit with us).


Everyone has something to give, if you just put your minds to it. So come on, help us with this worthy cause and join us for our various events.  Every little bit counts!  Should you have any queries kindly contact Julie or Sarah on 011 646-5641. Thank you for all your help, it’s for a very good cause and most appreciated.


Kind Regards

Sandra Pope

Volunteer for Princess Alice Adoption Home