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Skin Rich Like Coffee

Please tell me why it matters that your skin is rich like coffee

When we wake up every morning and smile and say hello

And we shout together together for our breakfast.


This morning I didnít get my cuppa joe because we didnít have any milk

And I had to go to a restaurant for my fix.

That didnít seem like the end of the world to me

In fact I quite enjoyed it.


Your smile is a laser beam when you reach to be picked up

You do so with absolute faith that I will give you comfort;

Miraculously you trust I will stop your crying


So what is it about the world

That thinks that we should not want to be together

Growing, getting stronger, trusting and loving?


But mostly, what matters least of all

Is how much milk they poured into my skin

And how much they poured into yours.


by Iain Rogers