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Adoption Around The World

This is from a UK based magazine article and highlights the opportunities for adoption elswhere in the world along with the difficulties and restrictions:


There are over 700 000 children in orphanages in Russia to choose from and you can adopt more than one at a time. Prospective parents must have been married for atleast a year, but it could be your second or third attempt at marriage. Single men have applied but without much success. To seal the deal you must travel to Russia at least twice once to meet the child, once to attend court and bring the child home. Costs vary.


Private adoption is the way to go in Mongolia. You'll need to be resident in the country for six months, after which you can apply directly to the government for a child.  Costs vary and the process usually takes another six months, unless the government is bogged down with work, in which case you'll wait longer. But you still have to go through the adoption process in the UK as well.


The Central American country was until recently an adoption supermarket at a cost of 15 000 pounds. There are no age restrictions and both married couples and single ( male or female) applicants are welcome. It is also possible to adopt very young babies. The Guatemalians used to be speedy ( six to eight months) but du to popular demand there's now a  three month delay in the process. Babies are one of Guatemala's most profitable exports.


Angelina and Brad slipped through the net as the Ethiopian government usually favour couples whoe have been married at least five years. The Eithipians are speedy. It can take a mere six months to process and adoption. Added bonus: the only fees are for legal documents. The Eithiopians will be checking up on you annually ( in  a post adoption review) until the your child is 18.


Don't be fooled by the ease with which Madonna dn Guy sooped up David. This African country normally has a minimum residency requirement for adopters, or you may have to hang around Lilongwe for a year or so. There's also an 18-month trial period. Once adoption is granted, couples must go through the uk adoption process.


If you have been married for five years and have a combined age of 90or under then India might be the place for you. But don't bother if you are a same-sex couple or divorced. There is a lot of bureaucracy to plough through - for example: you may have to adopt in an Indian court adn then readopt in a UK court. However, there is a planned change to the system to speed up the process from on year to two months. The cost is around 7800 pounds.


If you are keen on a baby girl. China is the place for you. 98 % of the children up for adoption are female. As you would expect of the People's Republic. Its a bureaucratic process: it takes roughly a year before you can fly to China and have a baby handed over to you in a hotel room. A donation of 1500 pounds to the orphanage plus government fees of 2500 pounds are required. Singels and over 50s need not apply.